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Stucco Color and How it Will Change

Once a stucco color coat is applied, it will remain wet for a period of time, and appear darker than the final dried and cured color. After the stucco completely dries, it will then appear lighter and have a slight chalky appearance. The color will continue to cure and darken with a majority of the color achieved within a seven to ten day period, although it can take several months for it to closely blend to the manufacturer's color chart. The color pigments in stucco oxidize with the interaction of the atmosphere and moisture, which creates the rich colors of the Southwest that we have grown accustomed. This oxidation process continues for many years and ever so slightly, the stucco will continue to darken, even after the initial cure.

The initial curing process can be artificially accelerated to cause the color pigments to stabilize, darken and reach a cured state sooner than by natural means. The term for this process is called a "water cure" and is the action of misting the stucco with water from a hose. It should only be accomplished after the stucco has completely dried and within a temperature range that will allow the stucco to mostly dry out before nightfall. With a hose nozzle set to mist, the surface must be misted uniformly corner to corner and the water should not copiously run down the wall. This process can be accomplished once a day for three to four consecutive days to cure and set the color. This procedure also helps the stucco to gain strength sooner than if left to cure naturally. If you choose to accelerate the cure by this method, please call our office at 505-345-3200 so that we can offer you guidance, as weather conditions may affect this procedure.



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