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Chimney Runoff Diverters for Pitched Roofs

Once you have had a new stucco color coat applied, there are several preventative measures that will preserve the integrity and aesthetics of your stucco.  As a matter of preventative maintenance, the “Homeowner Maintenance Tips “ (accompanying bulletin) should be followed. With cement stucco based products, water is the enemy. By redirecting sprinklers, adding gutters, installing down spouts and water diverters and generally keeping the water away from the stucco wall surfaces, your stucco should give you may years of trouble free performance.

A common problem that requires special attention is at chimney areas. On pitched roof homes, water can run off of the shingles and flow onto the sides and angled surfaces of the chimney.  The action of the dirt being washed off of the roof, and the high concentrations of moisture absorbing into the stucco, will almost always cause the stucco to stain and effloresce (exhibit whitish residue).  If left unattended, this condition will eventually compromise the integrity of the stucco bond. To avoid this problem, we highly recommend that at a minimum, diverters be installed on the shingled roof, upside of the chimney. Typically  two each  2” x 2” x 10’ “L” angled sheet metal flashings are sealed to the roof shingles in a “V” pattern to direct the water flow from the roof, away from the chimney.  A competent roofer can accomplish this flashing detail.  Installation of gutters adjacent to the chimney is also helpful. Gutters and downspouts for all homes will help to direct and keep the water away from your stucco.  By simply directing water sources away from the stucco, you will enjoy many years of protection and beauty from your stucco finish.

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