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Frequently Asked Questions


Will a stucco repair around my windows offer as good a seal as re-stuccoing the entire home?

Yes, but with the above color and texture considerations.

What is a trim extension?

Trim extension is a separate stick of material that is made of the same material and color as the window frame. It is either snapped into a groove at the perimeter of the window frame or adhesively connected to provide a clean transition between the window frame and the old stucco. Trim extension is a viable option when a complete stucco application is not being accomplished. Trim extensions are typically utilized in lieu of stucco repair.

How are windows installed with homes built of brick and wood siding?

For brick installations the window would be ordered without a nailing fin. We would measure as tight as possible to insure minimal gaps between the brick and window frame. We would either use a texture caulking to mimic the color and texture of the masonry grout joint or install a slim version of trim extension. For wood siding there are differing conditions, but many times we would be able to install a window nail fin and trim out the exterior with an appropriate wood trim.


What are the benefits to installing windows and stucco at the same time?

At Reule Sun Corporation, we call it Total Coordinated Installation and the benefits are numerous.

Stucco and window trades are independently unique and require different skills that are not normally intiutive of each other. At Reule, our team approach insures that each trade has a thorough understanding of the other trades needs. Interestingly, many of our workers cross over to both trades.

Total Coordinated Installation for window replacement and stucco refinishing offers our customers:

• Reduced cost by purchasing both products from one company.
• One phone call if a problem arises
• No passing off responsibility to the other trade, since Reule will accomplish all tasks required to complete the window and stucco installation.
• Assurance that the products are installed correctly and that the transition from windows to stucco has the proper seal
• That new construction look, whereby the windows look as if they were built into the home at the time of the original contstruction.

Should I replace my windows before or after the stucco application?

If it is in the budget, it is best to accomplish both the window and stucco application in one lockstep with one another, with the windows being installed just prior to the final stucco finish coats. This will minimize the amount of potential stucco damage that could occur to an existing job if one were to install the windows after a new stucco application. With a coordinated installation of windows and stucco, aesthetically the transition from stucco to windows looks like a new contruction installation and not a retrofit look, which typically requires a supplemental trim extension that gives the frame a bulky appearance.

Will the window installation require any work on the homeowner's part?

We request that our customers:
A: Remove hanging items from the exterior walls where our work will progress
B: Relocate any prized or delicate items from the work area and in the interest of all parties, secure

Can windows be installed and the stucco repaired around the window without the need to re-stucco the entire home?

The short answer is yes, but with a substantial caveat. The challenge is to get the new stucco repair to match the old stucco. This is very difficult, if not impossible to achieve. Stucco is always curing and will darken over time. The same bag of stucco applied today, will not match stucco out of the same bag in six months. The other challenge is to blend the texture. It is necessary to overlap the stucco repair on the old stucco with an additional textured layer, which creates a noticeable transition between the new texture. A stucco patch will always be noticeable in both color and texture compared to the old one. Synthetic stucco offers a better opportunity to blend color but texture differences will always be apparent. Some of our clients opt to utilize a trim extension in favor of a stucco repair.